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3D Designing 3D Printing


We are a group of professionals providing services of creating products and systems which optimize function, aesthetics and emotions, for the benefit of the user and the manufacturer. We offer a whole new dimension of 3D printed products at extremely affordable rates.

We are a multi-disciplinary design studio that includes
Product Design,
Transportation Design,
Digital Design,
Digital Marketing,
Specialised Manufacturing

Our services and discipline, gives our customers a complete design experience and exposure to our process for a finished product.

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Experience a new dimension of printing. Get your CAD designs 3d printed in affordable rates. Our services are specialised in FDM & DLP printing. Services include:
1. CAD design services
2. Print on Demand
3. Post production/ Painting
4. Machine servicing(Flashforge) We are an official distributor of Flashforge high quality 3D printers with dual extrusion technology, that provides a great learning experience to 3D printing. Our 3D printers – Finder, Dreamer , Guider, Creator Pro and Explorer are equipped with versatile features that produce stunning results. We help you transform your ideas into a real and concrete 3D experience with products ranging from table-tops to utility articles, models, accessories and more!

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