3D Printing: A New Way of Making Jewelry


3D Printing: A New Way of Making Jewelry

Today, a whole bunch of jewelers are experimenting with the 3D printing technology. Our 3D printing services and 3D design services enable the creation of fine and intricate jewelry like never before. We recently released our own collection of 3D printed jewelry—using a resin desktop 3D printer—that showcases amazing design possibilities.

Introducing the Flashforge Hunter 3D printer for Jewelry Making

3D printers now play a significant role in the jewelry design world. The FlashForge Hunter is the latest DLP (Digital Light Processing) 3D printer that masters in printing detailed jewelry and accessories. It uses self-developed light engine, which leads to better printing results. This is the most affordable 3D printer and is also one of the best selling products of FlashForge.

Materials for 3D printing Jewelry

The standard resin and the castable resin are adopted as jewelry printing materials for the Hunter. The end result is more like a wax-like plastic. We then offer a few finishing options such as color plating, high gloss, PU coating, and polishing.

Benefits of This Technology in Jewelry Making

Unlike the traditional kind of jewelry making, 3D technology offers the following major benefits:

  • Make prototypes to first check whether the design is correct before sending the final desired design for 3D printing.
  • Create designs and patterns that are difficult to manufacture by hand; simply take a look at the stunning designs we created.
  • Produce jewelry that weighs less, making it more affordable.
  • Personalize your piece by printing exactly what you visualize.

Reshaping the Future of Jewelry

Even though 3D printed jewelry is still in its infancy, we cannot neglect the many benefits of using today’s fastest-growing technology. It surely has the potential to bring ideas and concepts to life as creatively as they are designed. If your jewelry is important to you, make sure you get this 3D therapy right away!

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