Moving Beyond Prototyping—EARNACE

Recently, a lot has been talked about 3D printing as the new wave of innovation in manufacturing. We looked at products that are already available in the market to buy and challenged ourselves to 3D print fully functional headphones, proving that the 3D technology goes beyond just prototyping.

Unlike the usual headphones, we set out to create a unique edgy design for the predominant parts of the headphones.We also aimed at allowing for number of customization options (variety of designs, colors, and materials)so that the consumers can connect better with their product.

Process Details
The design process involved many development and testing phases. Each partof the headphones was well thought out and designed so as to not affect the quality of sound. The final design was simple and clean to the point that there was no glue or screws required to assemble all the 3D printed parts.

End Result
The headphone is made up of 40 3D printed parts and a handful of electronic components, without any compromise on quality.

All parts were 3d printed using the Flashforge Dreamer/ Flashforge Inventor/ Flashforge Finder machines.

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