Unibody top cover. Stronger and free of installation.

The 2016 Creator Pro comes with a one-piece top cover instead of pieces of panels need to be installed. All you need to do is to fasten it into four corners. This one-piece lid is more stronger than original ones and can be put into the chamber of the printer. Thus it comes in a smaller package.

External sleek handles.
Safer and more comfortable.

The new handles has sleek frames instead of two holes. It gives you more comfort and safety when you’re trying move it from one place to another.


Almost 180-degree opening front panel.
More space to hand in and out.

Your arms need more space to hand into the chamber to remove your awesome prints. Now you can make it much more easily. Leveling knobs are plastic instead of metal, yet much bigger, aiding comfort and precision.


45-degree viewing control interface.
More comfortable and ergonomic.

Instead of vertical embedded, We tilt the control interface 45 degrees, and let you view and operate it with more comfort. Additionally, the new Creator Pro comes with a universal power supply, matching full range of input voltages in every country.Just plug and play!

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More about Creator Pro Software

Compatible with major open-sourced slicing software. Compatible with major operating systems.