Stretching Imaginations through 3D Printing—DAKINI

We were set on a journey to think outside the box when it came to tireless cars that can fly. With this transportation design project, we put together an amazingly detailed futuristic concept car through 3D printing.

We believe that 3D printing can be worked into existing modes of car production where traditional techniques fail to create intricate structures. Like all good concepts, we aimed to capture our imagination that is practical or producible in the near future. The design details were inspired by Lamborghini cars that have sharp edges, road presence, and aggressive stance.

Process Details
Dakini was 3D printed in 7 pieces using fused deposition modeling (FDM). The 3D printers efficiently used the right amount of material at the right places to maximize strength and minimize weight. Each piece was then assembled and painted, making it look very smooth, artistic, and flowing.

End Result
The end product looks seamless, with no room for error, inspiring designers and engineers to free themselves up from previous design constraints and create something that previously seemed impossible.


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